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tailoring our technology to each client in order to meet their needs. We take the time to fully understand institutions’ expectations and unique challenges. Unlike standardized calculators offering a “one size fits all” approach, we customize according to our clients’ needs. Our software adapts to our clients and not the other way around, all at a competitive pricing.

We hope the information below will help with your institution's choice in how to respond to the Net Price Calculator requirement. A compliant calculator can be developed in one of three ways:

Option 1. Use the Federal Template

The federal template was designed for ease of use, but much accuracy was sacrificed in order to achieve that end. Here are some key differences between an AidCalc calculator and the federal template.

Federal Template AidCalc
Simplified EFC Formula Full, Accurate EFC Formula
Prior year costs and median grant amounts Upcoming year costs and actual packaging model
No merit criteria Includes your merit criteria
No self-help aid included In additino to Net Price, includes self-help aid eligibility
Labor-intensive setup No self-service setup, full-service implementation
One look and feel Custom designed to match your school's website

Option 2. Develop your own customized NPC

AidCalc has already built and tested the core that must be in every Net Price Calculator—the EFC calculation. Instead of duplicating that labor, why not let us take it off your hands and build your aid eligibility criteria into our calculator?

Option 3. Purchase a custom NPC

AidCalc is a team of flexible, creative problem-solvers, ready to build a solution for your institution's unique needs. You will feel the difference working with experienced professionals who listen to your requests and respect your expertise in communicating with your students.

Our calculators use skip logic to ask the minimum number of questions possible for an accurate calculation. Our help dialogues and intelligent error checking help to ensure that the data entered by families using the calculator is as accurate as possible.

We offer you web analytics showing valuable usage statistics for your calculator, as well as access to the data collected by the calculator. AidCalc does not market any products or services to students or families. We do not use or share with third parties any student information collected by the calculator.

Talk with us about your institution's NPC needs and how AidCalc can help. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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BENEFITS of an AidCalc NPC

What types of institutions can benefit from an AidCalc NPC?