We are a team of technology and financial aid experts

We design, develop, host and maintain highly accurate, custom financial aid calculators.

We are innovators in Financial Aid Calculators, and one of the first companies to come up with a product that goes well beyond the regulatory requirements.

AidCalc was launched in 2010, shortly after the initial release of the Federal Net Price Calculator Template. It was clear that the template would not meet many institutions’ needs. AidCalc’s founders set out to create an accurate and flexible Net Price Calculator solution based on what Financial Aid administrators and their colleagues in Admissions, Marketing and Web Services departments were saying they needed. Since then, we have continued to serve our client institutions with personal attention, allowing college administrators to have as much or as little input into NPC design and customization process as they would like.

At AidCalc we aim to positively impact our clients’ bottom line.

Our Net Price Calculators are a great recruiting tool, generating high quality leads and facilitating conversations about financial aid packages with students, right at the beginning of the process.

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We enable prospective students to see beyond the sticker price of higher education. The only way to achieve this is by providing the highest level of transparency and accuracy, and that’s exactly our mission.

We believe that social good perpetuates through higher education. We empower students to make financially-informed decisions. Students can pursue a path to success and productivity and they shouldn’t have to miss out due to lack of information. We put our minds, passion and everyday work towards this goal.