Accuracy is a thrill

Hearing from our clients that the results of our calculators match students' actual financial aid packages is extremely rewarding to us. We know how critical it is to have the right information when deciding on a path for higher education.

We analyze, understand and implement financial aid packaging models

for higher education institutions, so our clients can provide their prospective students with comprehensive and extremely accurate information quickly and efficiently. We enjoy the challenge of reproducing complex packaging models. Both the prospective student and the institution benefit from an NPC that provides the most accurate possible calculation. We know that your financial aid eligibility criteria are the results of detailed research and are designed to best meet the needs of your prospective students.

A powerful, highly specialized platform.

AidCalc will build you a Net Price Calculator that will satisfy both the letter and the spirit of The Higher Education Opportunity Act — empowering your prospective students with the most accurate results possible, helping to build their confidence in your institution.

NPCs styled to match your website

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We know that in the ever-changing landscape of higher education, many colleges and universities have fewer resources to devote to complying with more requirements. Our goal is to provide a stress-free solution for developing your Net Price Calculator.

With our background in financial aid, we can use the documents you already have detailing your Cost of Attendance elements and packaging model to design an accurate calculator. You are invited to participate as much or as little as you like in the design process. We take care of all the implementation.